The Business Process

We follow a methodical process flow for the project management process to ensure completeness of the project on time with good quality deliverable. The steps followed during the project management process are:

  • Choosing Life cycle model
  • Choose life cycle model based on the nature of the project and delivery model.
  • Milestone / Phases identification
  • Identify different phases/milestones.
  • Project Risk Management
  • Identify risk conditions, prioritise based on their impact on project goals, identify, plan and execute mitigation steps, track risks during entire project life.
  • Project Plan
  • Prepare work plan, development plan and quality plan.
  • Project Reviews & Monitoring
  • Conduct reviews in all phases of the project, progress monitoring, and mitigation and steps to ensure progress and schedule of the project.
  • After Sale Support
  • a three inter-linked process - adaptive maintenance, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.

The above process flow ensures complete control and success of the project. We have got exhaustive experience in executing bigger projects in multiple phases/ milestones.

Our quality system guidelines provide the list of perceived risks during the planning phase and the mitigation steps. With such an approach, the risk management is carried out successfully and ensures that customers are always apprised of project risks and measures taken to mitigate them. The project plan consists of work plan, development plan and quality plan. The plan always takes the input from risk management process to be proactive in those areas. These plans are reviewed periodically to ensure the progress and the plans are revised from time to time with frequent interaction with the customer, if the customer makes change requests.

Each stage of the development cycle consists of different review processes to ensure the completion of the previous stage. A committee of members does each of the review. This ensures understanding of the application and eliminates errors due to lack of understanding or communication, etc. The process of after sales service begins at the pre-sales stage through adaptive maintenance procedures. A Senior Committee comprising of sales, projects and support representatives validate solution architecture, design and configurations against the knowledge repository.

Preventive maintenance activities are carried periodically to ensure healthy functioning of the system. The integral part of this practice involves checking the environment where the solution is installed, physical conditions of the equipments and analyzing error logs and reports generated by the systems. Though adequate care is taken in the form of adaptive and preventive maintenance processes, we have a proven process in place to respond and resolve any problem that may arise during the life cycle of the solution.