About Us

Speech and Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary SST Software International Pvt. Ltd. have been developing solutions for the hospitality industry for a decade. More recently, the product portfolio has been extended to the health care industry as well. Today SST is one of the leading product-engineering global IT service providers, providing value-added services to large and medium-scale organizations.

Over these years, SST carved out a niche in developing products and value-added solutions for the Hospitality and Healthcare industries in the area of interactive TV and IPTV solutions, Implementation of Passive Optical Networking Solutions (GPON and FTTx), service delivery management systems, Online reservations systems etc. SST has developed several applications that integrate with popular Central Reservation Systems and Property Management Systems. SST has also customised these systems for hospitals and integrated with Hospital Information Systems as well.

SST's products and services are built around an inherent capability to understand the customer requirements in hospitality and health care and building solutions to address those requirements. SST’s products, solutions and services specifically address areas such as easy access to information, entertainment and improve service delivery